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My family and I just returned from our 3/24-27 session. We had a great time! What awesome terrain! The snow even cooperated. I thought you might be interested in some feedback. All I have is praise. I am particularly impressed with the staff you’ve put together. Even though you were off the mountain everything seemed to flow perfectly. Rob proved that he is the go to guy and is very polite and cordial. Marla helped us move to a quieter room at the mid session turnover. India is a gem. What a great personality! She is great with everyone. Her “crazy Aussie chick” persona goes a long way to relax the whole group. And Bruno. What an amazing personality! He can make one feel like his friend instantly. He has all the stuff I’d want in an employee. He seems responsible, diligent, respectful, motivated and he’s really fun to ski with too. I mean everyone of your staff is excellent. As a business owner who is always very interested in feedback of any kind I thought you’d be interested in hearing some from a first timer. My wife who has never catskied was absolutely blown away! That is very unusual. She expects a lot and the food, the service, the staff and the skiing delivered big time! We will be back. Thanks so much.

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