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Sustainability and Donations

Fuel and Machinery

  • Snowcats use diesel, so we try to minimize the use of it. In order to do this, we switched out cat fleet from Bombardier to Pisten Bully snowcats – which are more fuel efficient.
  • We generate electrical power by diesel generator. We have an exhaust pipe water boiler on our generator and it heats supplies about 30% of our heating needs (heating our workshop and staff quarters).
  • In the summer our generator is only ran for a couple hours a day.
  • We have an oil/water separator, so in the event of a hydraulic hose breaking and spilling oil in the snow,  we can shovel up the contaminated snow, and get the oil out of the environment.
  • We have ultra efficient propane boilers to heat our lodge.
  • We have switched from 2 Stroke to 4 stroke and e-tech snowmobiling (less emissions).


  • We recycle all of our garbage except organics.
  • We collect all our food scrapes and give them to one of our employees who uses them as food for his chickens.
  • We donate the profits from our recycling  (about $800 year) to an orphanage in the Philippines – Action International Ministries.


  • All of our meat is ethically raised and comes from local farms.
  • We also try to source some of our produce from local producers as well.

Charities and Clubs we support

Mustang Powder Lodge works hard to be a good corporate citizen. The focus of our charitable donations are varied – with a balance of local causes such as the Revelstoke Women’s shelter and the Skmana ski club; Provincial groups such as Power To Be and BC adaptive; and international groups such as the Nepal Earthquake relief and Polar Bears International. Each year Mustang makes donations in excess of $20,000.

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