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Small Group Private Cats

About fifteen years ago some heli-skiing companies began using smaller helicopters to cater to small private groups, thus revolutionizing the industry. Mustang Powder is now utilising this concept in catskiing. It started in 2010/2011 with the introduction of our Small Groups, Steep Chutes program, and now continues with the addition of our Small Group, Private Cat program.


Yes, it costs more because there are fewer people in the cat, but the benefits will make the upgrade worthwhile:

  • Groups are able to travel through the terrain faster and smoother
  • Loading and unloading the cat is quicker and easier
  • Groups are able to ski more runs in a day
  • Guides are better able to tailor the ski day to the groups ability
  • It is much easier to organize a group of six than a group of twelve
  • The lodge experience for the Private Cat guests will be the same as for the large cat guests – with double or single occupancy on our main two guests bedroom floors.

The dates for Private Cat offerings will be posted on our Availability page, as dates become available. Please keep in mind that this is a Private Cat program, not a a Small Group program. This means that the whole cat will need to be booked by a group organizer for six to seven people – seats will not be sold to individuals (except in the case of a last minute cancellation at the discretion of the group organizer).

As the current ski season progresses, keep checking the website for dates that open up for next year’s Private Cats. Or better yet, contact us now to express your interest, and we will slot you into a Private Cat when dates open up.

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