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Questions & Answers

Guests must be, at minimum, strong intermediate skiers or expert snowboarders capable of skiing or riding knee-deep powder snow, possibly more after a big storm, in the backcountry. A visit to Mustang Powder will usually entail skiing or riding both open bowls and steep tree runs. Powder skis/snowbaords make skiing and riding deep snow much easier; however, you will still need a certain level of expertise. Should guests arrive who are not able to keep up with the group, we reserve the right to restrict them from skiing/boarding. No refunds will be available for these guests.

We also try to organize groups that have similar abilities, however this is not always easy or possible. The best way to ensure that you are with compatible skiers is to organize a whole group.

Within our ski area we have a lot of both steep and moderate terrain, with our steeper terrain ranging from 30 to 50 degrees.

During a typical day you will likely do a variety of runs. We will generally work our way to the far reaches of our area, and then work our way home again. Rarely do we do more than just a few laps in the same area. Please be aware that the stability of the snow sometimes dictates the terrain that we can ski.

We normally ski 12-17 runs per day. On the first day of your ski holiday you will likely ski approximately 15,000 – 20,000 vertical feet (due to the morning safety briefing, beacon search and snow cat safety talk). On subsequent days you will ski between 18,000 and 23,000 vertical feet. At Mustang Powder we have high speed snowcats. This means that it is not uncommon to ski over 23,000 vertical feet in one day. We have a philosophy of giving our guests full ski days (about 8 hours). If you are not sufficiently fit, it is no problem for you to sit-out some runs and ride down in the front of the cat with the driver.

This depends on your fitness and budget. We mainly schedule 3 and 4 day trips. Due to our remoteness, anything shorter is just too short! We do however recommend that you arrive in the area a day or so early and ski one of the local resorts. (Revelstoke, Silver Star, Big White or Sun Peaks). This is prudent since cancelled or late flights, closed highways, and lost luggage are unfortunately a reality of winter travel. Guests travelling from the East should also be aware that occasional highway closures due to avalanche control could prevent you from arriving at our meeting place on time.

We welcome everyone to come and enjoy snowcat skiing and boarding with us. Snowboarders and telemark skiers need to be accomplished, experienced and able to handle all backcountry conditions including treed terrain. In short, you need to be an expert. Our guides do their best to accommodate all our guests. There will, however, be times when traversing and even climbing uphill, will be necessary. Collapsible poles that can be stowed in a small pack are recommended for snowboarders.

Mustang Powder Lodge is located in the Monashee Mountain Range – a very snowy location! In our alpine elevations we receive and average of 60 feet of snow between October and June every year. At our lodge site elevation we receive 30 feet of snow in our four month operating season (early December to early April).

In December and January you can generally expect the daytime temperatures to be in the -5 to -15 Celsius range. In February and March you can expect temperatures from 0 to -10 Celsius. This is only a rough guide and it is important to realise that mountain weather can change rapidly and vary significantly from historical averages. For example, prior to mid February we sometimes get brief periods of very cold arctic air with temperatures in the range of -20 to -30 Celsius. Please be prepared for all mountain weather conditions, no matter what time of year you book with us. Well over 90% of the time you will encounter good or excellent snow and weather conditions. Occasionally, due to warm weather and/or rain, the conditions are not that great and on the odd occasion, conditions are just plain BAD. Our policy is to keep snowcat skiing whatever the conditions are like and to try and have fun no matter what. Please accept the fact that we cannot control the weather, and no refunds/rain checks are given for bad weather.

Good and bad conditions can happen at any time during the season. We cannot tell you when to book, or guarantee you fantastic snow on any particular date. To help you make a decision, see Mustang’s historic weekly averages for temperature, snowfall and total snowpack during our four month catskiing season.

Yes, if you have good fat/powder skis and are traveling by car, you can bring your own skis. But, leave your poles at home — we will supply guests with powder ski poles.  Otherwise, Mustang has a huge selection of high-performance powder ski rentals. With many airlines now charging to bring skis on a flight, it makes sense to leave your skis at home and use some of ours that were built to ski in deep powder.

For those skiing our Small Groups, Steep Chutes program, you will require touring skis, which can be a second set of skis and are also available at the lodge for rent.

Due to lack of demand, we no longer offer snowboard/splitboard rentals at the lodge. Instead, we have chosen to partner with Revelstoke Powder Rentals, based out of Revelstoke, BC for all of your snowboard/ splitboard needs. They offer a great selection of boards, and we can coordinate with them to get your rental gear to and from the lodge for you, if need be.

  • Keep it simple and pack light! Guests are limited to 35 lbs of luggage, including your ski/snowboard boots, in order to comply with safety requirements of helicopter transfers. No exceptions.
  • Please be sure to pack your things in a soft duffel-style bag; skis should be kept loose (i.e. no stiff luggage or ski bags).
  • Flashlight (headlamp style is best). Have it ready when you arrive at our trailhead parking lot – it is dark and remote.
  • Good warm outdoor snow boots or insulated gumboots. Put these on once you arrive at the Skyline truck stop – you will be in snow from here onwards.
  • Casual clothes and slippers for the lodge.
  • A small unbreakable thermos for tea at lunchtime in the snowcat. We provide all guests with a Nalgene water bottle at the beginning of their trip.
  • Bathing suit for hot tub.
  • Snow boots, ski goggles, gloves, helmet and normal ski clothes that are suitable for all conditions and temperatures – snow boots and warm clothes should be packed at the top of your bag ready for the trip up the mountain.
  • Ski Boots – we recommend that you take them on the airplane with you as carry on luggage, as we do not rent boots at the lodge and will be unable to help you out if anything goes wrong.
  • Guests participating in the Small Groups Steep Chutes program will require extra gear. Please read about the Small Groups, Steep Chutes program below.
  • Cash for gratuities

We require all guests to carry a pack containing a collapsible avalanche shovel and probe, which we supply for every guest. We also supply all guests with a Mammut Avalanche Air Bag in addition to a transceiver, shovel, probe, and hand held radio.

We recommend that you do not bring a briefcase full of business/office homework. However, if you must keep on working, we do have wireless internet at the lodge as well as a business center in our mezzanine. We ask all guests to use the mezzanine area or their room for computer or mobile device use, and to refrain from using these in the common areas. This is to encourage social interaction and discourage digital introversion.

You should also leave your poles at home – all guests will be supplied with powder ski poles during their trip.

Don’t bring your own booze – it weighs a lot and we have a great selection at the lodge.

Yes.  Mustang Powder is committed to providing a safe and enjoyable experience. Nevertheless, skiing in a backcountry mountain environment exposes participants to inherent risks. Guests must be prepared to accept these risks.

We require written confirmation from each guest that they have read, understand, and agree to the Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims Agreement before they book with us.  Guests will also review and sign a hardcopy of the Release of Liability and Waiver of Claims Agreement once at the lodge on the first day of a holiday at Mustang Powder. Be sure to review the waiver prior to your holiday and contact us if you have any questions.

It is customary in the Heli and Cat industry for guests to leave a tip for the staff, if you feel that you have had good service.  The standard tip when Cat skiing is 10% of your trip cost (So between $90-180/day) – however, this is not mandatory and some guests tip more, some tip less. Every tips is appreciated.

The tips are spread evenly among all staff. Tips can be given in cash, or on your credit card at the end of your stay. There are many people behind the scenes making your holiday fun and pleasant, such as the mechanic, dishwasher, and the housekeeper.

Mustang is a VERY remote lodge and logistics are challenging and often extremely difficult. We do guest exchanges with snowcats or helicopter, but to get a single person out to civilization by snowmobile is usually difficult, and often impossible via snowmobile since they get stuck if it snowing lots. Snowcats or a helicopter can make it out much easier. Furthermore, we only get our access road plowed for guest exchange dates, and it is often impassable on other days (if it snowing a lot).  Guests who wish to leave early would need to make private arrangements with Glacier Helicopters at their own expense (approximately $1,000 CAD) in advance of their trip, and in coordination with Mustang Powder operations staff. Please note, heli flights are weather dependant, so there is no guarantee of early departure in poor weather conditions.

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