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Regular Cat Skiing

The Regular ski program is a snowcat with 12 or 13 guests aboard. This has been the standard model for the Cat Skiing industry for many decades and is an excellent and affordable option.

You have the choice of forming a full group of 12 or 13 with your friends, or booking as a solo, couple, or smaller group – and we will slot you into a cat with other guests.


Group Discount Policies & Responsibilities 

Our Group Discount Policies are listed below, so you understand the responsibilities you are accepting in exchange for receiving the discount. 

Group Discount Policy

Groups of 12 or 13 guests booking together receive a discount of one (1) free seat. Groups of 24 or 25 guests receive a discount of two (2) free seats.  

These discounts are offered in exchange for the group organizer’s commitment to the following responsibilities. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the discounted seat(s): 

  • The Group Leader will be our main point of contact for the booking and will provide Mustang Powder with both a group list (including name and email address). Notify us by e-mail of any changes or additions to the group list. 
  • The Group Leader is responsible for filling all seats in the cat, according to our booking terms and policies 
  • The Group Leader is responsible for filling any cancellations in the group.  If Mustang Powder is asked to fill spots, the group’s discount will be lost and our cancellation policy will apply. 
  • Groups will be registered under the Group Leader’s name; however, group members are able to pay for their portion of the invoice, individually 
  • The Group Leader is responsible for confirming individual payment amounts with each group member and with Mustang Powder, including payment deadlines. 
  • The Group Leader is responsible for paying all outstanding deposits or final balances due for unfilled/unpaid seats.  
  • For discounted groups, any payments made by VISA or MasterCard will be subject to a reduction in discount of 3% of the amount being paid + GST. 
  • Group Leaders will provide Mustang Powder with a room assignment list.  Rooming for Groups: Groups of 12 will have 5 double rooms and two single rooms. Groups of 13 will have 6 double rooms and one single room.  Group Leaders will ensure everyone completes their registration via our online guest portal at least 2 weeks prior to arrival.
  • Group Leaders are responsible for ensuring group members know the arrival date and time for helicopter exchange into the lodge. A few days prior to your trip, your flight time for entry into the lodge will be confirmed by our staff. 

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