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Our Snowcats

At Mustang Powder we operate with Pisten Bully (PB) snowcats. We have a PB 600 and two PB 400’s for our main 12-person groups. For our Steep chutes and private program we use a PB 400 and a PB 300. In the event of a cat breakdown we have a backup snowcat to keep guests skiing while repairs are made. If there happens to be a breakdown when we are running the Private Cat programs we would combine the two groups of 6 into a bigger group of 12. In this situation guests would be reimbursed for the difference between the 6 & 12 person rates for that day of skiing

Pisten Bully snowcats are made in Germany and are like German cars: Great performers, fun to drive, but expensive to repair. The closed profile track grousers allow these machines to climb much steeper than Bombardier cats (Canadian made). Our 5 main cats are low hour machines with powerful engines and smooth suspension. The higher speed and power of these machines allow us to ski one or two more runs each day than when we did with our previous Bombardiers (Now Prinoth).

Another great quality of these machines is their suspension system. Unlike the rough Bombardiers, the PB’s are smooth, comfortable and quiet. When you spend a few hours a day in the cat, this becomes a very important factor. It makes it much quieter in the back and easier to talk about how great your last run was.

The engine in the PB600 is a 400 HP Mercedes diesel with 1900 ft lbs of torque, the engines in the PB300s are Mercedes 926’s with 330 HP and 1300 ft lbs of torque. This is more than adequate power to get groups quickly to the tops of the runs. They aren’t racing machines, but they can sure climb.

We have a heated workshop for maintaining the machinery. Our mechanics spend evenings checking over the snowcats and doing any repairs and services that may be needed. In the off-season we do a comprehensive summer-service to all the snowcats. This proactive maintenance work minimises breakdowns during the winter. We have yet to miss a day due to a machine being down. If you are the sort of person who is interested in machinery, during your ski holiday don’t hesitate to ask for a tour of the workshop.

To find out more details on these snowcats, you can go to the PistenBully website.

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