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2020/2021 Winter Season COVID-19 Updates

Update on our 2020/2021 Operations

We do intend to operate for our 2020/2021 season and want you to know that the safety of our guests and staff has always been our top priority. We are currently working with British Columbia Cat and Heli skiing operators, as well as local government and WorkSafe BC authorities to outline the measures we will implement in our lodge and during the ski day, in order to minimize the chance of the spread of a virus during cat skiing holidays.

We also recognize that these are challenging times, so we have adapted our booking and cancellation policies to give our guests a good understanding of what to expect, should they not be able to attend due to COVID-related issues. Both our standard Cancellation Policy and our COVID-Related Cancellation Policy are attached below, for your reference. “

Mustang Lodge Covid protocols

Due to covid, a lot of guests are keen to know what steps Mustang will be taking to prevent the spread of the virus.  Our industry organization, Helicat Canada, has established a comprehensive COVID Best Practices document.   Below is a list of some of the key procedures that you can expect to be in place during your ski holiday at Mustang Lodge:

  1. Face coverings will be required any time physical distancing cannot be attained:   For example, when sitting in the snowcat and when in the helicopter during the heli transfer.   We will update you with a more specific mask strategy prior to your trip.
  2. Face coverings will not be required when you are outside of the snowcat or skiing.
  3. All meals will be served to guests – there will be no breakfast or lunch buffets this season.
  4. Lunch and daytime snacks will be eaten outside of the cat.
  5. We have a strict and conscientious cleaning protocol for all multi-touch surfaces, interior of snowcat cabs, public washrooms, common areas and staff quarters etc.
  6. Hand sanitizer will be widely available in the lodge and snowcats.   All guests and staff will be required to wash their hands many times a day.
  7. We will be reorganizing the lodge furniture, so that physical distancing can be attained at virtually all times when in the lodge.  For example,  couches will be replaced by more dining tables to enable the seating of fewer people at each table and to increase the distance between tables.
  8. There will be no massages this season and the sauna will be closed.
  9. The Hot tub will be open, since it is outdoors and quite large – but with a maximum capacity of 3 or 4 people.   We will have a booking schedule for the hot tub.
  10. Guests or Staff will have their temperature taken at our trailhead, and those who are displaying flu or COVID symptoms or fever prior to their trip will not be allowed to come to the lodge. If anyone becomes unwell while at the lodge, the affected people will be evaluated and if deemed necessary, evacuated and tested for COVID.  We will be doing a daily health assessments of all staff and guests.
  11. Helicat Canada is working hard to obtain testing kits for its members’ guests and staff prior to entering the lodges. However, it will likely be late Autumn before we know if this is attainable.
  12. We will have two totally seperate ‘Teams’ of staff members this winter.   Each team will work 10 days in; 10 days out of the lodge.   If we get a covid case at the lodge this season, we will immediately send all potentially exposed staff home, clean and disinfect the lodge thoroughly, and bring in a totally fresh set of staff from the outside.   This will allow us to continue operating.
  13. In late summer we made the decision to allow only Canadian residents to come to Mustang this season.   If the situation in the USA and/or overseas improves considerably during the autumn/winter, and covid infection rates in those countries becomes similar or better than Canada, we may consider allowing non Canadian residents to come to the lodge.
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