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JP McCarthy

JP is a member of the ACMG and has been with Mustang Powder since 2005. JP works in rope access during the Summer and continues his passion for cold climates in the Fall where he has been working with Polar Bears for almost 10 years.

JP started working as a ski and snowboard instructor at the age of 15 and has worked in the ski industry every winter since. He has shifted his focus toward backcountry and mechanised skiing in the last 15 years and enjoys sharing his passion and love for the sport with all those who join him in the mountains. JP lives in nearby Revelstoke.

What is your goal in life?

To prove that you can make a living having a great time doing it.

What is your job in the summer?

I work at heights with ropes and fix things that need to be fixed. In the Fall I do Polar Bear tours in Churchill Manitoba and enjoy having my face 6 inches from the worlds largest land carnivore.

What do you like most about working at Mustang?

Other than the great tenure, the powder skiing, the fine dining, the stellar accommodations, the sweet super powerful cats, the totally efficient road system….is the staff and the family they have become over the years… such good people!

What is your favorite Wine from the Mustang wine list?

The one guests choose at whatever table I am sitting at, its delicious!

What is your favorite Nickism?

Put the fuel to the bitch!

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