Vertical Foot Record

On our Final ski trip of the season, the POWER TO BE snowcat matched (or possibly exceeded) our old vertical foot record. This fundraising ski trip helps inspire youth and families in need of support to discover their limitless abilities through nature-based programs.

They accomplished 24,000 vertical feet of skiing on the second day of their trip (15 runs). All were excellent skiers and nearly always beat the snowcat to the pickup spot. Furthermore, they were smooth and efficient in both loading, and unloading, the snowcat each run – one of the keys to a high-vertical day of skiing.

At Power To Be, they aren’t simply equipping participants with some outdoor skills; they are championing possibility and human potential for young people living with developmental, cognitive, social or physical challenges. To find out more about this charity that we proudly support, please check out their website at:

Together, Mustang Powder and Power To Be have teamed up for 4 ski trips, and raised over $20,000 to support their mission.

Power To Be