Pascal Janin – Pastry Chef

What is your favourite colour?

Golden Brown, the colour of skin in the summer months, like a sweet muffin. Blue, like the

Pascal Janin

blue eyes of our casual dishwasher. And Red, like the red of the caramelised apples at the fall fair.

If the world was just one colour it would be so boring.

My favorite run?

Well, I am not a skier really. I came to work at Mustang because I am happy in the kitchen with good food and the friends I’ve meet there. So, my favourite run is when I run into Bettina and spook her. It makes us both laugh. Even though at first she gets a little bit mad, I think she loves it. You should try it sometime.

My goal in life?

My goal is to be retired and be able to afford to travel and enjoy two summers a year. My best trip was to Argentina. I would love to go back there, and to Chilli as well.

What do you do for work in the summer?

Working is over rated.