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Making a Reservation

To book a cat skiing holiday call:
Toll Free: 1-888-884-4666 (North America)
Phone: 250-679-8125
Fax: 250-679-2999
Email: info@mustangpowder.com
A 25% deposit is required at the time of booking.

Package prices include

  • Accommodation in our high elevation, remote mountain lodge
  • Gourmet meals, cooked by our outstanding chefs
  • Full days of skiing with our ACMG certified guides
  • Transportation from our meeting place to lodge and return, via snowcat, should a heli-transfer not be possible.


For bookings made prior to September 30th, guests pay an initial deposit of 25% of the total package, with the balance being due September 30th.  For balances not paid by September 30th there will be a 1% late fee incurred, plus an additional 1% per month thereafter until the balance is paid in full.  Trips booked after September 30th are payable in full at the time of booking.  Deposits, final balances and full trip payments can be made by:

  • Email transfer
  • Cheque
  • VISA or MasterCard
  • Money order
  • Bank wire

Please identify all payments clearly with your name and address.

Payments in US funds will be credited to your account at the current bank rate. Please be aware that the Canadian mail is notoriously slow and mail from the US can take as long as three weeks to arrive.

A reservation may be cancelled automatically and your deposit forfeited if we have not received full payment by September 30th.  Payments made after September 30th will be subject to late fees of 1% plus another 1% per month overdue.

Snowcat pickupCancellation Policy

If you cancel your reservation prior to September 30th and we are able to sell your spot to another person at full price, your deposit will be refunded less a $500 + GST cancellation fee per seat if it’s a Regular Cat seat or less $750 + GST per seat if it’s a small cat seat (either Private Cat or Small Groups, Steep Chutes).

If you cancel your reservation after you have made your final payment or after September 30th, the cancellation fee is the greater of $500 (Regular Cat)/$750 (Small Cat) or 10% of the total trip cost. If we are able to fill the seat at full price, all monies paid less the cancellation fee will be refunded.  If we fill the seat at a reduced standby rate you will be refunded only the amount paid by this last minute guest less the cancellation fee.  If the seat cannot be filled, then no money will be refunded or ski credits given.  If you are unable to come at the last minute due to injury, travel complications, inability to enter the country, etc. there will be no refunds or ski credits given unless we’re able to resell the seat.

The reservation and cancellation policies used by Mustang Powder Lodge are standard in this industry.

Cancellation Insurance

We recommend that you purchase trip cancellation insurance and medical insurance if you are a visitor to Canada. Cancellation insurance will cover you in case of injury or sickness prior to your ski trip.

Refund Policy

There is no guarantee on the conditions that you will encounter on your ski holiday and we give no refunds or rain checks if we are unable to ski due to poor conditions, or if you can not or do not want to ski for any reason.

A snowcat can operate in virtually any type of snow and weather. However, if we cannot operate our snowcat due to a mechanical breakdown we will provide a skiing credit on the unused portion of the ski package. This credit does not carry any cash value and is valid only until the end of the following ski season. Under no circumstances is Mustang Powder responsible for guest’s inconvenience or travel expenses. We do have a back up snow cat in the event of a breakdown.

The Monashee mountains are an excellent location for great winter weather suitable for powder skiing. Well over 90% of the time we have good or excellent powder snow conditions, however it is possible that conditions during your ski trip will disappoint you. Please accept the fact that we have no control over the weather. Our policy is to ski every day and make a big effort to have fun – even if the conditions are not terrific. Guests must accept that “you win some, and you lose some” when it comes to weather. If you are unlucky and encounter poor conditions while you are on your ski holiday, please try very hard not to be miserable and grumpy – it only makes the situation worse.

Furthermore, due to snow stability issues, we are sometimes forced to ski slopes that are not as steep and exciting as you would like. Please accept that we also have no control over snow stability but will put every effort into making the skiing as exciting and interesting as the stability (and the strength of your ski group) will allow.

In the past we have deviated from the above policy and sometimes given free ski days to guests when the skiing was poor. In future no refunds or rain checks will be given if the snow is poor or if we are unable to ski due to unacceptably dangerous conditions. Some cat/heli operators (especially day-skiing operations) cancel when conditions are not good. At Mustang we go skiing even if the conditions are not good. Please be aware of this prior to booking a trip with us.

Evacuation Insurance

Mustang Powder Lodge offers insurance to cover the costs if, in the event of a serious injury, you need to be evacuated from the mountain to by helicopter, snowcat or snowmobile to the nearest hospital which offers the care facilities required. The cost of the evacuation insurance is $5.00 per person per day. We advise all skiers to take this policy. If you choose not to purchase this insurance you will be responsible for helicopter evacuation, ambulance expenses and all other costs related to an evacuation and not covered by medical insurance. We will ask you to provide a Visa number to cover these expenses. We have added $5.00 per person per day to your final statement to pay for your evacuation insurance. If you do not want to purchase Evacuation Insurance please deduct it from your final payment. In the case of an evacuation, no refunds or credits will be given for the unused portion of your trip.

Guest Registration

Along with your statement, sent out in late summer, you will receive information regarding your registration details. Guest Registration is now online through our Guest Portal. This portal allows you to log in to our system, fill out your registration details including contact, dietary, and medical information and then easily update it if needed. You can also review our Release of Liability Waiver, book a massage in advance, find links to ski rentals, access our trip Information Book, view our current and upcoming season availability, and more.

Group Discount

Group Discounts for Returning Groups: Returning Groups who are rebooking a group of twelve skiers receive 1 free seat. Groups who are rebooking a group of twenty-four skiers receive two free seats.

Group Discounts for New Group Bookings: Group Organizers for new group bookings will receive a discount of $150 off per day for their seat.

Consequently to receive this discount the group organizer MUST do the following things:

  • Please do not have every group member phone in a visa number or send in separate cheques.  As the group leader, we ask that you book the entire group at one time and pay the deposit in one payment, then collect all funds from the group members and pay the final balance with one cheque,  no later than October 15 this year.
  • Balances not paid by September 30th will incur a 1% late fee.  An additional 1% charge will be added each month until final payment is made. We will be sending out reminders as well as information packs in the fall.
  • Payments made by VISA or MasterCard for discounted packages will be subject to a 3% reduction in the discount.
  • Provide Mustang Powder with both a group list and a room assignment list. Groups of 12 will have 5 double rooms and two single rooms.
  • Notify us immediately by e-mail of any changes or additions to the group.
  • Ensure that all group members return their registration forms and receive a copy of the information booklet. Additional copies are available from our office or can be downloaded from our web site.
  • If a group organizer has cancellations in his or her group it is the responsibility of the organizer to fill those spots. If Mustang Powder is asked to fill spots the group’s discount will be lost for that year.
  • Failure of the group organizer to make certain that all of these things are done will result in the loss of the group discount for the following year.

Group organizers should bring a cheque book on their holiday if they want to keep the group’s ski dates for the following year. Your first option on those dates for the following year expires on the last day of your ski holiday. Absolutely no dates will be held without a deposit.

Expenses at Mustang Powder Lodge

We accept cash, cheques, debit, Visa or MasterCard for liquor, retail purchases, ski rentals and ski trip deposits while you are at the lodge. Deposits for discounted groups that are paid by VISA or MasterCard will be subject to a 3% reduction in the group discount.


A release of liability, waiver of claims, assumption of risks & indemnity agreement must be signed upon arrival at the lodge. According to our insurance regulations, all skiers/boarders must be at least 14 years old. Each snowcat skiers/boarder between the age of 14 and 19 years must be accompanied by an adult. This guardian will also be their ski partner at all times, especially while riding in the trees.