Powder Ski and Snowboard Rental

Over the last few years we have worked hard to greatly improve our fleet of high performance powder ski and snowboards.

We are now able to offer one of the best and most diversified fleet’s in the backcountry skiing industry. We offer everything from the most innovative ski’s on the market, to soft, easy-ride powder skis, to stiff ski’s for big high-speed turns and everything in between. To determine what skis work best, guests are encouraged to try out many different types of skis.

Ski and Snowboard rentals are $35/day (compared to $45-$50 for similar skis/snowboards at any resort), and you can try different skis/snowboards each day if you would like.  For guests participating in our Small Groups Steep Chutes program we have touring set ups with skins for $50/day.

Please note that all of our touring ski’s have Tyrolia Adrenalin bindings, which have touring capabilities, but ski like a regular binding, so can be used by any guests.  Just be aware that guests in our Small Group, Steep Chutes program have priority on these ski’s, so if someone in the program does not have ski’s and you are not in this program but rent touring skis, we may need to find you a suitable substitute.  Thank-you for your co-operation.

Our fleet includes:


bubbaArmada Bubba

With fat rocker in tip and tail and minimal camber underfoot, the Bubba’s EST Powder Rocker is designed to float like a boat across the deepest powder oceans on the planet. The Hybrid Ultralight Core is made from lightweight wood with an exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, making these planks surprisingly playful given their girth, and topped with a fiberglass laminate matrix that keeps them from feeling noodly when speeds are high. That said, the Bubba is reasonably soft in the tip (the Magic J gets a 6.5 tip stiffness rating, while the Bubba scores a full point lower), so it won’t bulldoze through chop, but it also won’t dive or hook up unexpectedly in the most unreasonably deep snow of the season. The AR50 Sidewall sports a cap construction in the tip and tail with a classic sidewall underfoot, providing the perfect blend of aggressiveness, durability, and low swing weight.


Armada JJ

The most popular ski in our rental fleet for many seasons now, the JJ remains without a peer in backcountry versatility due to it’s innovative construction. The JJ combines an ultralight core with Armada’s patented EST Freeride Rocker which incorporates camber underfoot with rocker in the tip and tail. This is one of the most balanced fat skis on the market right now, capable of killing it in the soft stuff, carving a turn that will leave you speechless, yet still holding an edge when needed on the hard stuff. The JJ is 115 mm underfoot and we have them in 165 cm, 175cm and 185cm.



armada-jj-2-0-2016-02Armada JJ 2.0

More speed. Better control. Superior agility. That is the mantra of the Armada JJ 2.0 Skis. Nimble like a grasshopper for a ski of its size, the JJ’s execute at a higher level than any other powder freestyle ski on the market. Crafted with EST Freeride Rocker, these Armada skis have positive camber underfoot and rocker in the tip and tail so you float in the fresh stuff and dig in when you’re skiing the hard stuff. Twice as good as the original JJ, the more gradual taper of the 2.0 offers better flotation at slower speeds and better grip in steep terrain. Ski legend and Armada co-founder JP Auclair lives on in the JJ 2.0; throw him a word of gratitude on your next pow day.


Armada Magic Jarmada-magic-j

Rally in the deep, brap pillows like the Ski Boss, and step out natural hits on the Armada Magic J Skis. Tanner Hall has cemented his legacy in all facets of the young sport of freeskiing, and when he focuses on real skiing on real mountains doing real tricks, he always reaches for the Magic J’s. Ride high through bottomless blower, butter off of lofty BC booters, and charge across gnarly pillow fields that only Mother Nature could conjure up with the ultimate powder weapon — the Armada Magic J Skis.



The TST is the ultimate all-mountain/big-mountain tool. These skis were designed to let you do justice to the entire mountain – from the deepest pow, to the steepest lines and event the biggest cliffs. The TST features Armada’s Patented EST All Mountain Rocker, meaning that it has a progressive tip rocker but no tail rocker. The folks at Armada tell us that there isn’t a turn or jump on the mountain the TST can’t make… Are you up for the challenge? We have them in 165 cm, 174 cm and 183 cm.


K2 Pontoonk2_pontoon_skis_09

So much snow you wish you had a snorkel? Don’t even think about grabbing those skinny skis—you need the super-fat K2 Pontoons to stay afloat! The K2 Pon2oons are the second generation of the Shane McConkey inspired ski that changed how we think about powder skiing. A handful of modifications were made to the original to make it more aggressive — particularly at high speeds — while still maintaining its surfy feel. These changes include: a stiffer tail, less rocker (it still has plenty) and less pintail.


rossignol_super_7_1_169518Rossignol Super 7

Climb aboard the flotatious Rossignol Super 7 Skis for premium powder performance and freeride fun. It is a revolutionary, lightweight fusion of backcountry, freestyle, and freeride performance for expert to intermediate skier. A super capable powder ski, the Super 7 will perform at the highest level in the deep stuff but still hold a strong edge on the groomed for the ride back to the lift. Made with Rossignol’s Air Tip Construction that lowers the swing weight of the ski, and allows it to really pivot and maneuver in tight spots when things can get hairy. With its Free V.A.S. and Diago Fibers you can expect both stability and quickness, enabling this ski to charge big mountain terrain. Embark on your next powder day, backcountry adventure, or big mountain line with a pair of skis that will not disappoint, the Rossignol Super 7 Skis.

Salomon Rocker 2


Salomon Rocker 2

Salomon’s newsest powder ski is their most playful and ‘surfy’ ski yet. The Salomon Rocker2 ski freatures a beefy 122mm underfoot, pow-devouring rocker, and stiff, big mountain flex. They have a twin rocker shape specific to powder, and an innovative construction using honeycomb with an abs reinforced frame at the extremities to reduce swing weight for even esiaer floatation and pivoting. A full wood core lends stable, predictable performance at any speed. We have them in 180 cm and 184 cm.


Völkl Shiro

Völkl has a long history of making big mountain skis that offer incredible float combined with great performance and the Shiro definitely continues this trend. At 119mm underfoot, with ELP rocker this lightweight, directional twin tip ski blends playful, easy powder skiing and solid, stable ride quality. At 119 underfoot the Shiro was made for the deepest of the deep, the fluffiest of the fluff, and the softest of the soft, but the vertical side call and carbon bottom also make it a stable ski with good grip when required. We have them in 173 cm, 183 cm and 193 cm.


Völkl 100Eightvolkl-100-eight-skis-2016

A lighter, more manoeuvrable version of the beloved Gotama, the Völkl 100Eight Skis feature the minimalist 3D ridge construction to drastically reduce mass in the body of the ski without losing the power and performance you’ve come to expect from Völkl. The 108 mm waist simply kills it in everything from smooth groomers to a foot of fresh; you’ll be hard pressed to find another ski that combines this much goodness under one topsheet. Full Rocker – Völkl Full Rocker is a smooth, gradual bend from tip to tail, with matching sidecut and a symmetrical flex pattern. All the benefits of extra maneuverability in soft snow while delivering smooth, sexy arcs on groomed terrain. The matching flex and sidecut on the full rocker gives you full, uninterrupted edge contact. The more the ski is on edge the more effective that edge becomes, and the resulting smoothness and predictability is uncanny.

We also have a few pairs of the following:

Trapper Ursa Snowboard
Trapper Ursa Major

Snowboard Rental

  • Trapper Ursa Major 161
  • Trapper Trout Trap 154, 159
  • Burton Fish 156, 160
  • Burton Split 162
  • Burton Barracuda 153 with ICS binding system
  • Prior Split Board 162
  • Voile Split board 159

Please be advised, we encourage you to bring your own snowboard bindings to ensure proper fit.