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Cat Skiing & SnowboardingOur Cat Skiing Terrain

Our terrain at Mustang Powder contains large amounts of both alpine and treed runs. Our longest run is just under 1800 m (6000 ft), and we have many runs over 1000 m (3200 ft). We are constantly exploring new areas, and opening up new terrain by building snow roads. Each of the last 3 summers we have also done extensive glading to create even more great tree-skiing. If the weather is clear and the visibility is good we are almost always at tree line and above in the alpine. If it is snowing and cloudy then we usually drop off at tree line and ski down through the old growth Monashee forest. Over a whole season we typically would ski half of the time in the alpine and half in the trees. We have lots of north facing terrain, which allows to ski untracked powder even during long droughts.

Within our cat skiing area we have lots of both steep and moderate terrain. During a typical day you will likely do a variety of runs. First working our way to the far reaches of our area, and then working our way back to the lodge again. Rarely do we do more than a few runs in the same area. We try to organize groups that have similar abilities, but this is not always easy or possible. Groups may be changed after the first day to accommodate various levels of ability. The best way to ensure that you are with a compatible skiers is to organize a full group of 12 or 13 friends.

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