Availability 2016/2017

Please note: For all guests arriving to the lodge from January 5th until the end of the season, there will be an additional $160.00 CAD fee for helicopter transfer to & from the lodge. Since the helicopter flight is weather dependent it will be paid directly to Glacier Helicopters after your trip once we know if you were able to fly in and out.

Dates for Regular Cat Skiing Groups

DatesArrival Date# of daysRate per dayStatus
Dec 2 to 4Dec 13$800booked
Dec 5 to 6Dec 42$800booked
Dec 7 to 9Dec 63$800booked
Dec 10 to 12Dec 93$800booked
Dec 13 to 15Dec 123$800booked
Dec 16 to 18Dec 153$850booked
Dec 19 to 21Dec 183$850booked
Dec 22 to 23Dec 212$850booked
Dec 24 to 27Dec 234$750booked
Dec 28 to 30Dec 273$900booked
Dec 31 to Jan 2Dec 303$950booked
Jan 3 to 5Jan 23$1000booked
Jan 6 to 8Jan 53$1100booked
Jan 9 to 12Jan 84$1100booked
Jan 13 to 15Jan 123$1150booked
Jan 16 to 19Jan 154$1150booked
Jan 20 to 22Jan 193$1150booked
Jan 23 to 26Jan 224$1150booked
Jan 27 to 29Jan 263$1150booked
Jan 30 to Feb 2Jan 294$1150booked
Feb 3 to 6Feb 24$1150booked
Feb 7 to 10Feb 64$1150booked
Feb 11 to 13Feb 103$1150booked
Feb 14 to 17Feb 134$1150booked
Feb 18 to 20Feb 173$1150booked
Feb 21 to 24Feb 204$1150booked
Feb 25 to 27Feb 243$1150booked
Feb 28 to Mar 3Feb 274$1150booked
Mar 4 to 6Mar 33$1150booked
Mar 7 to 10Mar 64$1100booked
Mar 11 to 13Mar 103$1100booked
Mar 14 to 17Mar 134$1050booked
Mar 18 to 20Mar 173$1050booked
Mar 21 to 22Mar 202$700booked
Mar 23 to 24Mar 222$700booked
Mar 25 to 27Mar 243$700booked
Mar 28 to 31Mar 274$650booked
April 1 to 3Mar 313$750booked
April 4 to 7Apr 34$750booked

Dates for Small Groups – Steep Chutes Program

These dates are for groups of six skiers maximum. Please note: This program is for keen and fit EXPERT skiers only. Before signing up for this program please read Small Groups – Steep Chutes Mandate, Requirements and Rules (PDF) .

DatesArrival Date# of daysRate per dayStatus
Jan 3 to 5Jan 23$1200booked
Jan 6 to 8Jan 53$1250booked
Jan 9 to 12Jan 84$1300booked
Jan 13 to 15Jan 123$1350booked
Jan 16 to 19Jan 154$1350booked
Jan 20 to 22Jan 193$1350booked
Jan 23 to 26Jan 224$1350booked
Jan 27 to 29Jan 263$1350booked
Jan 30 to Feb 2Jan 294$1350booked
Feb 3 to 6Feb 24$1350booked
Feb 7 to 10Feb 64$1350booked
Feb 11 to 13Feb 103$1350booked
Feb 14 to 17Feb 134$1350booked
Feb 18 to 20Feb 173$1350booked
Feb 21 to 24Feb 204$1350booked
Feb 25 to 27Feb 243$1350booked
Feb 28 to Mar 3Feb 274$1350booked
Mar 4 to 6Mar 33$1350booked
Mar 7 to 10Mar 64$1300booked
Mar 11 to 13Mar 103$1300booked
Mar 14 to 17Mar 134$1250booked
Mar 18 to 20Mar 173$1250booked
Mar 21 to 24Mar 204$1125booked
Mar 25 to 27Mar 243$1125booked
Mar 28 to 31Mar 274$950booked
April 1 to 3Mar 313$950booked
April 4 to 7Apr 34$950booked

Dates for Private Cat Skiing Groups

The price for the Privates Cats is based on a maximum of 6 people, a 7th person can be added for an additional charge.

DatesArrival Date# of daysDaily Rate for Cat of up to 6Extra PersonStatus
Dec 13 to 15Dec 123$6,000$1,000booked
Dec 16 to 18Dec 153$6,300$1,050booked
Dec 19 to 21Dec 183$6,300$1,050booked
Jan 3 to 5Jan 23$7,200$1,200booked
Jan 9 to 12Jan 84$7,800$1,300booked
Jan 20 to 22Jan 193$8,100$1,350booked
Jan 23 to 26Jan 224$8,100$1,350booked
Feb 7 to 10Feb 64$8,100$1,350booked
Feb 21 to 24Feb 204$8,100$1,350booked
Feb 28 to Mar 3Feb 274$8,100$1,350booked
Mar 7 to 10Mar 64$7,800$1,300booked

Rebooking Policy

Our rebooking policy remains unchanged. 2016/2017 season’s guests have first option on the same dates for the 2017/2018 season. This option expires on the last day of your ski holiday. To keep your dates we must receive your deposit before the last day of your trip this season. The deposit for the 2017/2018 ski season is 25% of the total package price. Absolutely no dates will be held without a deposit. For new bookings, dates become available 1 year prior to the trip date. We recommend you check this page frequently for availability as the season progresses. Prices include:

  • full days of skiing
  • accommodation in our high elevation, remote mountain lodge
  • gourmet meals prepared by our outstanding chefs
  • taxes and rental skis are NOT included

Availability next season